Psychic & Fortune Teller

Needless to say, both Psychic readings and fortune telling may be really fun and interesting. However, if we’re just searching for true spiritual support, please be wary of those who are playing games. At that time, don’t forget to let our intuition be our trusted guide. Wish to know the main differences between Psychics and fortune tellers? Some precious info here can be useful for our reference!

Psychic Readings

Believe it or not, Psychic readings seem to be more than just foreseeing the future. Instead, they’re actual spiritual consultations. On the whole, talking with a psychic is simply as having a chat with a good friend or a therapist.

A Psychic

She shall listen to us, and then offer best suggestions, while still reminding that we all have free will. A genuine Psychic reader may even act as a life cheerleader and coach that spur us on to make fulfilling and dramatic changes. At that time, a psychic reading might take all types of exciting twists and turns, like an engaging conversation. Don’t be hesitant to start out with a specific question or issue; and our chosen reader will surely uncover clues from our past in order to help us achieve insights into our dilemma.

In most cases, she also gives us helpful advice and tips on dealing with the situation. Suggestions can include meditation, prayer, physical exercise, or even working with crystal balls. Bear in mind that discussions about spirit guides & dreams are also common; whereas the possibilities are endless!

Fortune Telling

Fortune telling tends to be said synonymous with psychic reading. Though they may share the certain element, they’re never one in the same.

Psychic And Fortune Teller

Often, the art of fortune telling is zeroed in on the future, instead of taking a holistic view of querents & their difficulties. It’s easy to realize the fact that a fortune teller is apt to ask us a lot of questions in order to gain “hits” or info. If we’re seeing a fortune teller face to face, we shall be sized up by our appearance, speech, mannerisms, and so on. These techniques are also called “cold reading.” Yes, the idea here is that the reader will pick up any signal to gain knowledge about us. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we cannot end up with a real and trust prediction.

Once having our fortune told, we’re often given vague details, such as we can be predicted that we’ll meet a new partner or that money seems to come our way. The reader rarely mentions our own self-empowerment or free will. We shall be told what we crave to hear, not what’ll actually aid us on our path.

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