Psychic Predictions That Came True

More often than not, Psychic abilities are still hotly debated because several folks believe that these holy readers are simply crooks or quacks, under the assumption that if they might actually foresee the future, then why do not they guess the lottery numbers or even anything on which they could capitalize well?

Psychic Predictions That Came True

However, maybe it isn’t always simple.

Please keep in mind that genuine Psychics will never give us certain and sure predictions with 100% accuracy. As the future is not set in stone, they just foresee something that can happen in the near future. The stories here chronicle some prophecies made by Psychics and others, and all of them ended up coming true. Judge for selves how accurate each prediction was now!

Psychic Twins & Their Prediction About Boston Marathon Bombing

Often called The Psychic Twins, both sisters in the Jamison family whose names are Linda and Terry Jamison have actually made lots of the national and international prophecies in the past decade. Interestingly, almost all of them have come true and been open to much interpretation. However, the prediction they made about a fiery attack on Boston seemed to be much closer to accurate.

Over 4 different radio shows, they claimed to “see the terror attacks that were being plotted in Boston." According to their sayings, they tended to keep hearing a sound much like a cannon. The Boston Marathon, one year later, was truly attacked with bombs made from the pressure cookers which caused explosions, sounding just “like a cannon.”

Mark Twain & His Prophecy Of His and His Brother’s Death

Fortune Teller Predictions

Better known as Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens was not exactly well-known for his Psychic power. However, that didn’t even make any type of his predictions less notable, particularly since he foretold both his own death and the death of his brother with incredible accuracy. Rumor has it that Twain dreamt about the funeral of his brother though he’s still alive. But 3 weeks later, his brother passed away in a tragic boating accident.

Once entering the funeral parlor, he also remarked that his brother’s body and the funeral were exactly laid out as everything featured in the dream. Plus, Mark Twain was born in 1835 – the time when Halley’s Comet visibly appeared. As per his forecast, he would die as long as the comet was again visible. Halley’s Comet came back into visibility in 1910; and YES, Twain died.

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